Fletcher Avant - Country Songwriter and SingerHello, I’m Fletcher Avant.

I am a songwriter/singer from Georgia.  I started writing songs in the mid 80’s and my songs are about everyday working class themes.  My musical beginnings started at an early age when my family would play and sing at different outings and gatherings.  My musical artist influences are many, but at the top of the list are Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Elvis Presley, Jerry LeeLewis, and Carl Perkins.  I always valued a well written song that told a story or message.  My style of music, or genre, would be a combination of Outlaw Country, Country Christian, and Rockabilly.

I released my first CD, “Rhymes and Reasons” in March, 2011. It has done well thanks to local fans as well as fans world wide.  It still amazes me how far my songs have traveled – to places that I’ve never been.  Music downloading sites have made it possible for the songs to be heard in many different countries.  Local radio stations have also helped promote the songs.  I did get a chance to travel to Ireland in 2011 where Celtica Radio played my songs in Ireland and the UK.  I played at a couple of local pubs while visiting and the people there enjoyed my songs.  It was a memorable trip for all involved.

I would like to thank Jim Cartwright – Fame & Fortune Records, for producing the first album as well as our new album “It’s A Long Road” just released in August, 2012.  Jim is a great Nashville Producer that works with Independent, Unsigned Artists.  He is one of the best.  He has the ability to hear all of the music in my head and put together the “right” musicians and create that sound in a studio.  Mike Severs, a very talented sound engineer and musician, is well known in Nashville and also had a big part in helping me bring my type of music to the world.  “It’s A Long Road” was a fun album to be part of. I had a chance to meet so many great musicians and super stars in Country Music while we were in Nashville recording it.  It felt good to be part of the songwriting family and it was very humbling indeed to be included in some of those circles.

At the local level, I’ve been very fortunate to play with some great musicians and my family and friends have encouraged me along the way.  Special “Thanks” to Howard Garmon, a Georgia Music Hall of Famer, for helping me understand the business and blessing us all with his music.

Finally, my bio would not be complete if I did not acknowledge how the Lord has blessed me with words and music all of my life.  He has given me the ability to write some great songs and I hope when people hear my songs, they identify with them and hear the truth and sincerity behind them. I would hope that when people hear these songs that they would receive something they never had, or find something that they have lost along the way. Great songs are what get us through life from day to day. “Never underestimate the power of a song”.

“Thank You” to the fans for believing in me and encouraging me to write my kind of music.  I certainly do appreciate the support.  It’s tough being an Independent Songwriter, but it makes it all worthwhile when fans give feedback and tell me that they were touched by my songs.  After all…it’s not about the man…it’s about the words and music.

God Bless,Fletcher